Thursday, January 5, 2012


[All books are in excellent or new condition unless otherwise noted.]

Kerr, Hugh T. The Simple Gospel: Reflections on Christian Faith. Westminster: 1991 – $1.00

KcKim, Donald K. Introducing the Reformed Faith. Westminster:2001 – $1.00

Luther and Erasmus: Free Will and Salvation. [Library of Christian Classics - PB] Westminster:1968. $1.00

Niebuhr, H. Richard. The Purpose of the Church and Its Ministry. Harper:1956. HB with cover. $1.00

Primavesi, Anne. Sacred Gaia. Routledge:2000. $1.00

Williams, Charles. Descent of the Dove. Eerdmans: 1939/1968. [some cover wear - lettering on spine is gone; hand printed] $1.00

Tracy, David. The Analogical Imagination: Christian Theology and the Culture of Pluralism. Crossroad. 1989. $1.00

Schillebeeckx, Edward. The Language of Faith: Essays on Jesus, Theology, and the Church. Orbis/SCM: 1995. $1.00

Schillebeeckx, Edward. The Church with a Human Face: A New and Expanded Theology of Ministry. Crossroad: 1990. $1.00

Reist, Benjamin A. A Reading of Calvin’s Instututes. Westminster: 1991. $1.00

Wendel, Francois. Calvin: Origins and Development of His Religious Thought.  Baker: 1961 (384 pp.) $1.00

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