Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Church Management, Leadership, and Transformation

[All items are excellent to new condition unless otherwise noted.]

Langford, Norman. Fire Upon the Earth. [Christian Faith and Life Curriculum, HB] Westminster:1950. $1.00 [I am keeping one copy of this - I have used it in sermons in every church I have served. Great, simple outline of church history.]

Caroll, Jackson W. Mainline to the Future: Congregations for the 21st Century. Westminster: 2000. $1.00

Carothers, J. Edward. The Paralysis of Mainstream Protestant Leadership. Abingdon: 1990. $1.00

Easum, William M. and Bandy, Thomas G. Growing Spiritual Redwoods. Abingdon: 1997. $1.00

Eberts, Harry W. Jr. We Believe: A Study of the Book of Confessions for Church Officers. Geneva Press: 1987. $1.00

Reed, Bob. How to Survive Being a Presbyterian: A Merry Manual Celebrating the Funny Foibles of the Frozen Chosen. Writers’ Club Press: 2001.

Van Gelder, Craig. The Essence of the Church: A Community Created by the Spirit. Baker Books: 2000. [some pencil markings] $1.00

Kemper, Robert G. What Every Church Member Should Know About Clergy: A Practical Guide to Selecting Pastors, Understanding Their Role, and Developing quality Pastor/Parish Relationships. Pilgrim Press: 1985 [some highlighting; cover wear] $1.00

Saarinen, Martin F. The Life Cycle of a Congregation. Alban Institute: 1986. 24 pp. $1.00

Leas, Speed B. Discover Your Management Style. Alban Institute: 1984. 26 pp. 9"x12" - $1.00

Parsons, George, and Leas, Speed B. Understanding Your Congregation as a System. (This is the “Inventory” not the book) - Alban Institute: 1993. 32 pp. 9"x12" - $1.00

Morris, H.H. Demystifying the Congregational Budget. Alban Institute: 1988. [some cover wear] $1.00

Chapman, William E. History and Theology in the Book of Order: Blood on Every Page. Witherspoon: 1999. (9" x 12" 124 pp) $1.00

Foote, Ted Jr. And Thronburg, P. Alex. Being Presbyterian in tghe Bible Belt: A Theological Survival Guide for Youth, Parents, and Other Confused Presbyterians. Geneva Press: 2000. $2.00

The Presbyterian Handbook. Various contributors and editors (humorous). Geneva Press: 2006. $2.00

Weeks, Louis B. The Presbyterian Source: Bible Words That Shape a Faith. Westminster: 1990. $1.00

Weeks, Louis B. To Be a Presbyterian. John Knox: 1983. $1.00

Gall, John. Systemantics: How Systems Work and Especially How They Fail. Pocketbooks: 1975. [Pages are yellowed.] $1.00

Hainer, Frankm, and Small, Joseph. The Great Ends of the Church - Short term study course for adults PCUSA Curriculum Publishing: 1997. $1.00

Myers-Briggs Guides [9" x 12" Consulting Psychologists Press] –

Myers, Isabel Briggs. Introduction to Type, 5th ed. 1983. 30 pages, $1.00

Myers, Katherine D, and Kirby, Linda K. Introduction to Type: Dynamics and Development - Exploring the Next Level of Type. 1994, 38 pp. $1.00 - 3 copies

Hirsh, Sandra Krebs, and Kummerow, Jean M. Introduction to Type in Organizations. 2nd ed.1990, 32 pp. $1.00 - 2 copies

Hammer, Allen L. Introduction to Type and Careers. 1993, 32 pp. $1.00 - 2 copies

Sweet, Leonard. Faithquakes. Abingdon: 1994. HB. $1.00

Sample, Tex. Ministry in an Oral Culture: Living with Will Rogers, Uncle Remus, and Minnie Pearl. Westminster: 1994. $1.00

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